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What is EGadopts?

EGadopts is a basic adoptable site. Every month EGadopts releases 4 new eggs that hatch into predetermined creatures that you can display on your website, profile or forum signature.

How do I adopt an egg?

Simple: take the relevant code (HTML, BBcode) under the egg you want and paste it in your website’s HTML, profile’s About section or forum signature.

How do I feed my egg?

Unlike other adoptable sites, EGadopts’ eggs do not require feeding or leveling. They are basically inanimate virtual stickers.

The original EG predated modern adoptable sites (ValenthSquibyVirtuAdoptClick CrittersDragon Cave, etc) and used static adoptables like those commonly seen on Neopets petpages. EGadopts is preserving this concept (plus, my coding knowledge isn’t that advanced).

Did you know that so-and-so made a free script that allows you to create your own adoptable website just like the examples in the previous question?

I’m aware of so-and-so’s script, but I choose not to use it because it feels like too much work. :P

It looks like new eggs have been released, but last month’s still haven’t hatched! How do I get them to hatch?

The eggs don’t appear to have hatched because your browser still has the old, unhatched version saved in its cache. You will need to clear this cache to see the latest version of the eggs. If you are unsure how to do that, head on over to refreshyourcache.com for instructions!

How do I choose an evolutionary path for my adoptable or prevent it from evolving?

You can’t, sorry.

The fun in EGadopts is the surprises that come with each month. If you would rather control the growth of your adoptables, then there are many other sites (listed a couple questions above) that you can go to instead.

Where can I view a full list of previous eggs?

You can see all past eggs and their evolutions here.

Why are the old eggs now broken images?

The old eggs used to be hosted by Boomspeed as a way to preserve server bandwidth, but it looks like that service is no longer available and all the images have been lost (I would bring back the old eggs if I could, but there’s no way to restore those files and the owner of Boomspeed just kinda fell off the face of the earth).

As for the eggs from the 2011 “Coming Soon” page, I screwed up by replacing the domain that used to be on EG’s bit.ly account (egfx.me) with a newer one (egeg.gs), unaware that it would cause conflicts. Bit.ly’s system for restoring short URLs from an old domain is currently glitched. However, they are working on restoring this function, so the “Coming Soon” eggs are not entirely lost.

The current and future eggs are hosted in-house (now at egeg.gy, as I’ve since learned that images via shortened URLs don’t work correctly on message boards), so you don’t need to worry about them disappearing unless this site does, too.

Can I help you run the site?

The site currently isn’t at a point that requires more than one person to run it. I may seek out guest artists for future eggs, but not at this time.

Why are you doing this?

I don’t know. :’D

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