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The second largest feature the original EG had were a ton of custom cursors people could use on their site or petpage. If for whatever reason you want to use them, they are still available for download. The .zip file contains Neopets cursors (base colors of the first 54 species, misc. species colors & items) and some random objects. However, you’ll have to figure out the code part on your own.

By downloading this file, you agree that you will only use the cursors on your own personal website or computer and will not edit, recolor, and/or redistribute them for free or commercial use. Please include a credit link back to EGadopts.com when using on a website.



If you enjoy EGadopts’ eggs and want something similar by the same artist, but with the benefits of a real click-to-hatch adoptable, then visit Neekko’s profile page over at Squiby. Please note that he is no longer active over there, so there won’t be any new adoptable releases or password hints.

Also, unfortunately, Squiby is so broken now that I can’t even modify the availability of my limited adoptables, so–inspired by a fan–they may now be obtained through this page. They are fully evolved and don’t level up. If you would like to see a limited adoptable of mine displayed here, let me know (please do not request private adoptables made for specific people)!

All public adoptables are still available through my Squiby profile.

If you have your own website, this is the typical code to use.

Hot Chocolate Dragon

For websites or profiles with a strict character limit.

Hot Chocolate Dragon

For most forum signatures, posts, or profiles.

Hot Chocolate Dragon

If you find one of my adoptables and it is not hosted at either squiby.net or egeg.gy (check the image URL), it is stolen and should be reported.

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