The homepage and egg adoption pages of the old site.

The homepage and egg adoption pages of the old site.

EGadopts started out as Elements Graphics (EG), a badly-executed but somewhat popular Neopets fansite/guild homepage that was active between 2005 – 2006.

During EG’s heyday, its main focus was Neopets guides and free graphics for lookups and petpages, but it also had a small section for adoptable mystery eggs. These mystery eggs quickly attracted visitors and soon the eggs were everywhere. Other sites began to introduce their own mystery eggs and the phenomenon may or may not have inspired the click-adoptables fad we know today.

Eventually, real life, scathing hate mail and declining interest in Neopets killed off EG. Some of the hilarity that is the old site can still be found via the Way Back Machine.


EG relaunched as EGadopts on January 6, 2014. The current website exists solely as a simple egg adoptable site (mostly for nostalgia) and is operated by co-founder Neekko. There are no plans to expand to a graphics site or Neopets fansite.

The Art

The current eggs and critters are drawn by Neekko. The artwork from the old egg archives were drawn by Neekko, Vera, and Annie (I don’t remember who drew what).


The EGadopts mascot (the white thing in the header) is named Kad. He is sort of a reincarnation of Kadoryu, the original EG mascot, a Neopet that used to belong to co-founder Doggie.

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